Rafter completes new RT-2000S tube mill

PUBLISHED: 04 Nov 15

RT-2000S-7 HFI tube forming mill
RT-2000S-7 HFI tube forming mill

Rafter Equipment Corporation has completed a new RT-2000S HFI tube mill and has it is ready for shipment to a major North American aluminized carbon/stainless steel tube producer. The mill is designed to produce tubing from 0.500" OD x 0.038" wall minimum to 2.000" OD x 0.120" wall maximum.

The company was awarded the contract because of the familiarity and great success with the existing Rafter tube mill. The customer also appreciated the company's willingness to listen to feedback necessary to improve and customize the new mill for their particular application. In the end, the customer is very pleased with the improvements. Included was an improved 3-roll weld box design, a new tandem OD bead trimmer design, and an improved turkshead straightener design. The weld box for this mill will be on display at the company's booth #N3087 at the upcoming FABTECH show in Chicago.

Although only contracted to supply the tube mill, the company worked closely with the customer to integrate the directly purchased entry/exit equipment, HFI welder, mill coolant system, and high-speed shear cutoff. Other integrated components included the ID scarfing system, weld seam remetalizer, Eddy current NDT equipment, and rust preventative spray applicator. It should be noted that the equipment was ready for shipment by the original promise date. The entire line is scheduled to be operational by the end of this year.

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