Rafter ships yet another 3-roll HFI weld box

PUBLISHED: 15 Dec 15

RT-2500 HFI Weld Squeeze Box (3-Roll)
RT-2500 HFI Weld Squeeze Box (3-Roll)

Rafter Equipment Corporation has shipped yet another of the company's popular 3-roll HFI weld squeeze boxes to a major North American sprinkler pipe and mechanical tubing producer.

As stated before, the newer design has become the choice replacement for heavy-duty applications where traditional "scroll chuck" weld box designs fail to perform.

As in other retrofit installations, this retrofit required custom design changes to accomodate the rather short passline height and small footprint on the existing Asian-made tube mill.

This undersizing of the weld squeeze boxes has become a common theme among these foreign-made tube mills. Fortunately for our customers, Rafter can provide solutions to these problems.

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