Ultrasonic wall and concentricity measurements system

PUBLISHED: 21 Dec 15

RotoUTDim for dimensional measurements on tubes and cables
RotoUTDim for dimensional measurements on tubes and cables

Based on its ultrasonic rotating head RotoUTscan, Contrôle Mesure Systèmes, proposes a new product RotoUTDim for the dimensional measurements of tubes and cables (from 4 to 250 mm diameter) in production line.

  • Wall thickness all around the product
  • OD measurement
  • ID measurement
  • Ovality
  • Concentricity
  • Eccentricity

This system is designed for the measurement for all types of materials: steel (ferrous and non ferrous), plastic, fibber, glass ...

Measures are made by 2 ultrasonic transducers which rotate around the product. Data are collected in real time over the entire periphery, with a step up to 0.1 mm and all along the product (whatever the length) with a step of 1 mm. Accuracy of the measures is ± 0.002 mm.

  • Data are collected in a supervisor, visualized and saved.
  • Gates for alarms or other are available.
  • Input of encoder allows the positioning of the data.

RotoUTDim covers a wide range of industrial applications such as:

  • Nuclear
  • Automotive
  • Precision tubes and cables
  • Medical
  • Multilayers coating,...

Through its products and its remote assistance, CMS provides, all over the world, quality and productivity solutions for industrial applications.

Contrôle Mesure Systèmes (CMS), France
Tel: + 33 385 941414
Email: contactcms@cmseddyscan.com
Web: www.cmseddyscan.com

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