New lubricants for steel tubes

PUBLISHED: 06 Jan 16

Condat tube drawing oil
Condat tube drawing oil

A leader in the mechanical wire drawing market, Condat has earned an international reputation for supplying lubricants with added value to the industry. The company has used its 160 years' expertise in the formulation of various lubricants to develop a comprehensive range of products dedicated to the metallic tube industry.

Our CONDATUB product range covers most tube forming processes from hot forming down to cold forming. It has been designed to answer specific issues for all metals (carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys, zirconium...) and includes hot forming graphite & ceramics dispersions, drawing non-reactive and reactive soaps, pilger rolling and forming soluble lubricants, drawing neat oils, corrosion inhibitors...

New developments
Phosphate conversion coating is often used for carbon steel. Combined with lubricants, it reduces the friction coefficient at the metal/tool interface and thus facilitates the drawing process. As a consequence, phosphate coated carbon steel tubes are often used in applications where final dimensional and surface quality compliance is of the upmost importance (automotive parts, hydraulic cylinders, bearings...) To improve the productivity and reduce processing time, CONDAT has developed new specific technologies.

  • Reactive soaps : COLLUBE range
    These soaps combine with the phosphate layer deposited on the tube in order to create a chemically bonded lubricant film. It therefore allows deformation under optimum conditions, increases reduction possibilities, and results in a perfect surface finish even under severe conditions (heavy reduction, high drawing speed...). According to the desired deposit weight, the diameter of the tubes and the severity of the operation, CONDAT can provide you the best soap technology.

  • Drawing oils : CONDATUB TFH range
    Our range of neat oils, CONDATUB TFH, is perfectly suited for direct drawing on bare or pre coated metal surfaces. Due to their optimum formulation (high performance based oil + extreme pressure additives) they perform in high duty drawing operations whilst minimizing tool wear. Different viscosity levels are available to respond to different deformation requirements, allowing optimal surface finish and cleaning ability (some formulations are designed to vanish during heat treatment operations).

Promoting an eco-responsible policy, Condat's R&D department accommodates the latest regulations and focuses on developing safer products for both people and the environment, without compromising on performance. Several production sites, all ISO 9001 certified, enable Condat to deliver top quality products everywhere in the world through its distribution & service network.

Always willing to improve its customer relationship with tailored services, Condat is looking for additional local partnerships and distributors worldwide. Contact the Condat team at

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