Weld purging company provides first class service

PUBLISHED: 12 Jul 16

West Country Welding's order consisted of HFT®'s Pipestoppers® Range of Inflatable Stoppers for Weld Purging
West Country Welding's order consisted of HFT®'s Pipestoppers® Range of Inflatable Stoppers for Weld Purging

When Seabank, a major Power Station in Bristol, UK ordered weld purging equipment from a company in Germany which failed to arrive, the downtime started to cost the Power Station a lot of money and had their welders waiting around on site with nothing to do.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®'s Exclusive Distributor, West Country Welding were contacted and due to HFT®'s stock levels and great first class service, the new weld purging products were delivered to the site within three hours of the initial telephone call.

Bob Reakes for West Country Welding said: "The shutdown at Seabank Power Station in Avonmouth meant the welders were stood around waiting, wasting valuable time and money. The weld purging equipment ordered from a company in Germany never showed. Thanks to Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®'s stock levels, they got the welders up and running quickly."

The order consisted of HFT®'s Pipestoppers® Range of Inflatable Stoppers for Weld Purging. These lightweight Stoppers are totally collapsible, making them easy to handle on site. They are manufactured using a high quality robust latex inner tube and polyurethane impregnated nylon fabric outer cover and are supplied with a length of flexible inflation hose and sealing valve.

The standard range of Inflatable Stoppers are available for immediate delivery in cylindrical or spherical formats with sizes ranging from 1 to 96" (25 to 2,440 mm). As well as weld purging applications, they can also be used for pipe blocking, leak testing of pipework systems, whether commercial, domestic or industrial, onsite thermoforming of bends in plastic materials and fibre-optic construction projects.

In addition to the Inflatable Stoppers, Heat Resistant Covers were purchased to protect the Stoppers against high temperatures of up to 300°C (572°F). These specially designed Covers prevent the Stoppers being damaged or bursting when working with high temperatures.

With Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®'s weld purging expertise and first class service, companies can save time and money within one or two welds.

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