New 'Technical Manual for Water Network Design and Use' TOM® Oriented PVC pipe

PUBLISHED: 08 Sep 16

New 'Technical Manual for Water Network Design and Use' TOM® Oriented PVC pipe
New 'Technical Manual for Water Network Design and Use' TOM® Oriented PVC pipe

Before the apparition on the market of the innovative, worldwide patented, technology developed by Molecor©, the processes to manufacture Oriented PVC (PVC-O) pipes presented difficulties and were even unable to manufacture large diameter and high pressure pipes. This new technology allows manufacturing pipes of 500mm, 630mm and 800mm nominal diameter and up to 25 bars. In this way, Molecor© became the first manufacturer over the world that achieved it. The technical improvement that presents this unique manufacturing system results in an improvement of the pipe's quality. Consequently, TOM® pipes appear as the new PVC-O pipes generation.

TOM® PVC-O pipes are the best solution for the conveyance of water under pressure due to advantages such as: greater impact resistance, higher hydraulic capacity, better behavior in case of water hammers, higher chemical resistance, complete watertight, lower load losses and an easier installation.

These pipes are manufactured in a wide range of nominal pressures (12.5, 16, 20 and 25 bars) and diameters (from 90 to 800 mm).

Molecor©, from its continuous commitment to the development and implementation of technical tools to support its contributors, has edited the "Technical Manual for Water Network Design and Use; TOM® Oriented PVC Pipe". This manual not only includes the exclusive technology applied for its production and the unbeatable TOM® Oriented PVC pipes properties such as: range, features, advantages, fields of application, usability and sustainability, but also offers a wide range of case studies of mechanical and hydraulic calculations, in order to help users in the design of water pressure network.

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New 'Technical Manual for Water Network Design and Use' TOM® Oriented PVC pipe
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