A new "Steel Bond"

PUBLISHED: 17 Nov 16

A new
A new "Steel Bond" has been formed between Adda Fer & FIMI SpA

Adda Fer Meccanica has the pleasure to inform about its recent entry in the capital of FIMI SpA, a leading company in the design and construction of Metal Coil Slitting and Cut-to-Length Lines. This cooperation points to a strong asset consolidation and a strategic expansion of products and markets.

Founded in 1990, Adda Fer Meccanica is a leading company in the design, construction and installation of lines and machines for the production of welded pipe and sheet metal working. With extensive know-how and a clear orientation towards the international market, Adda Fer Meccanica has installed several lines worldwide thus increasing the popularity of its brand, which has become synonymous of quality and reliability.

FIMI SpA ranks among the top five companies in the world in the field of metal strips and sheets processing lines; in fact, since 1963, FIMI has successfully designed, manufactured and installed lines for leveling and cutting of metal coils. FIMI SpA has a recognized leading position in Europe with always growing sale results; not least is the position occupied by the company in other countries such as China, India and Russia.

FIMI SpA exports 80% abroad, mainly in Europe, with significant percentages in Russia, China, Southeast Asia and Latin America. The number of lines realized and delivered to customersaround the world is rapidly approaching the goal of 1000 units.

The result of such a cooperation creates added value that will generate revenues over 50m EUR in the next year 2017, employing 150 people, 20 of which fully engaged and dedicated to Research&Development activities.

Through a powerful synergy of technical and technological skills and experience, the new reality offers the market a wide range of products and solutions able to meet the most demanding and diverse applications.

Antonio Pensotti, C.E.O. of AddaFer Meccanica and FIMI SpA, comments the transaction: "The entrance into FIMI by AddaFer represents an opportunity for a unique development in this market field, with positive effects for the whole market segment. AddaFer and FIMI share their own heritage in terms of know-how, experiences and skills for innovations, and make all this available at the service of their prestigious customers in tight cooperation with them to fulfil the business development."

He continues: "The Business Plan envisages an administrative reorganization process as well as the continuity and consolidation of the technical branch but first of all growth, both in terms of turnover and investments. Then special focus will be given to Service with the aim to guarantee speed, competence, and responsiveness in a vital segment for the customers. International Development will also occur through the strengthening of the commercial network which already operates in several countries in the world."

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