Outstanding attendance once again at Roll-Kraft's annual regional seminars

PUBLISHED: 20 Dec 16

Roll-Kraft seminar session
Roll-Kraft seminar session

Roll-Kraft, an internationally known supplier of roll tooling to tube and pipe and roll forming manufacturers, recently held its annual regional tube and pipe and roll form seminars, along with tours of Roll-Kraft's state-of-the-art corporate headquarters in Mentor, Ohio.

Over 125 attendees from 37 companies and divisions attended the two-day event.

According to organizer and speaker, Robert A. Sladky, Vice President of Tube Mill Engineering for Roll-Kraft, the seminar attracted a broad mix of attendees, from basic/experienced mill operators to maintenance and quality personnel, supervisors, and management. "It takes a team effort to make the success of any tube, pipe or roll form operation," said Sladky.

The seminar presentations were designed to allow interaction with the attendees. Combined with a dynamic PowerPoint presentation, follow-along seminar guide books, and real live "show and tell" mill equipment, these programs offer one of the most comprehensive and effective training programs in the industry. This detailed training is geared toward developing a standard, proven, and clear-cut method for all to follow, rather than the arbitrary "day shift way," "night shift way," "this guy's way," or "that guy's way."

All presentation materials and procedures demonstrate tested practices that have been documented as successful over the years and are currently used throughout the industry. The seminar is not a theory-only event; rather, it features tangible, reliable information that can be utilized immediately. Sladky states that this is one of the major reasons these "regional" and "in-house on-site" programs are so popular and rank high in demand and attendance.

Roll-Kraft conducts regional training seminars and events periodically throughout the year, and also offers tube and pipe training and roll forming training programs at customer's locations.  Conducting a training program on-site allows the instructors to focus on the mills as they currently operate, tooling, and staff, and allows interaction with their everyday issues and experiences.

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Outstanding attendance once again at Roll-Kraft's annual regional seminars
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Outstanding attendance once again at Roll-Kraft's annual regional seminars
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