COG Resist® - The new high-tech FFKM compounds from COG

PUBLISHED: 07 Dec 17

COG Resist® - The new high-tech FFKM compounds from COG
COG Resist® - The new high-tech FFKM compounds from COG

In all sectors and applications, the requirements are continuously becoming more complex: Not only must seals be resistant to temperature; they must also be able to withstand a wide variety of chemicals and be resistant not only to vapour, but also to solvents. Or they need to be able to resist changes in media, plus high pressure. In these situations, a high quality FFKM seal really is a must.

Precisely for these applications, COG has developed a new range of FFKM materials: COG Resist®. The FFKM product family launches with four compounds: two universal materials, a special FFKM compound for use in the oil and gas industry and a compound for the food and pharmaceutical industry. The two all-round materials, COG Resist® RS 75 AL and COG Resist® RS 80 AL demonstrate outstanding resistance to chemicals and acids, as well as possessing excellent mechanical properties.

COG Resist® RS 75 AL is therefore heat resistant at temperatures of up to +325°C, and COG Resist® RS 80 AL is heat resistant up to +260°C. And what's more, both FFKM compounds demonstrate low gas permeability and extremely low levels of swelling.

The COG Resist® RS 92 AED seal material was developed especially for applications where resistance to explosive decompression is required, and has been tested to NORSOK standard M-710 and NACE TM 0297.

Wherever seal materials are exposed to high pressure and aggressive media, COG Resist® RS 92 AED provides the security you need. The compound combines extraordinary chemical resistance with excellent thermal resistance. These properties, along with its low compression set, mean that it is especially suitable for meeting the high demands made by the oil and gas industry in particular, for example, for use in deep sea valves, pumps or compressors.

COG Resist® RS 75 HS can be used with even the very highest demands of the food, medicine and pharmaceutical industries. It has excellent resistance to CIP and SIP procedures and is free from animal-derived ingredients (ADI free). This compound has the approvals/certificates for USP Class VI up to +121 °C, FDA 21. CFR 177.2400 and CFR 177.2600 as well as 3-A Sanitary Standard.

The extraordinary material properties that the COG Resist® FFKM seals demonstrate enable a longer service life in an extremely wide range of demanding industrial applications.

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