First aid for technicians: Professional O-ring tool kit

PUBLISHED: 12 Dec 17

Professional O-ring tool kit
Professional O-ring tool kit

Technical users know the problem all too well: Installing O-rings in cramped installation spaces without damaging them or the removal of stuck O-rings from grooves without causing damage to the machine is often a tedious and above all difficult affair.

Often, screwdrivers or simple plastic tools are used to perform the task. These tools are often the reason for the damage and are also difficult to use.

C. Otto Gehrckens, an independent manufacturer of seals, now offers users a professional solution to this problem. Its new 5-piece O-ring tool set made of high-quality stainless steel makes the assembly and disassembly of O-rings significantly easier, faster, and more reliable.

The high-quality stainless steel instruments consisting of a pointed tool, removal lever, push and pull tool, as well as a flat-headed removal tool are precisely machined and provide effective aid with almost all assembly and disassembly tasks.

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