Leading tube and pipe fabrication specialists invest in 7th Unison tube bender

PUBLISHED: 06 Apr 18

Sharpe Products' 7th Unison machine (Breeze 3
Sharpe Products' 7th Unison machine (Breeze 3" Multi Stack, CNC-controlled, 3-axis precision pipe bender)

Continuing investment in versatile all-electric bending machinery from Unison Ltd is helping one of the Midwest US's leading tube and pipe fabrication specialists, Sharpe Products of Wisconsin, to meet the evolving business challenges in its sector of the metalworking industry.

Sharpe made the investment to give the company an edge in meeting the ever-changing demands of the tube and pipe jobbing business. Most customers no longer want to invest in stock, and batch sizes have reduced dramatically. This means that machine set-up times become a major factor in job pricing. Any scrap generated during set-up - which can often run into several pieces when using older hydraulically-actuated bending machines - also negatively impacts job costs. Unison machines are designed for quick tool changeovers and right first time bending thus reducing total cost to manufacture.

The first Unison machine Sharpe Products bought was the Breeze 3-inch tube bender, and since that moment, Sharpe Products has been a loyal Unison customer.

To date, Sharpe Products has acquired the following Unison tube benders:

  • 1.5-inch single stack
  • 2-inch left/right Breeze Revolution
  • Three 3-inch Multi Stack
  • 4-inch Multi Stack
  • 5-inch Multi Stack

Sharpe's latest purchase is the Breeze 3" Multi Stack, CNC-controlled, 3-axis precision pipe bending machine with a capacity up to 3" or 80 mm diameter tubes. This high capacity tube bender is ideal for the high accuracy and repeatability necessary for the aerospace, automotive & furniture industries.

Sharpe specified the latest Unison Breeze 3" machine for flexibility, to help the workshop serve any customer requirement. It's a multi-stack bender with an ability to hold several tools on the machine for multi-radius parts or to reduce tool changeover times and is also fitted with high torque servomotors to accommodate the most challenging materials. It features a swing-away wiper die servo axis to enable short final straight part designs to be manufactured without post bend trimming operations.

Options Include (all servo-electric):
Multi stack, multi radius, boosted powered follower, full length carriage push, roll forming, mandrel retraction & anticipation automatic mandrel & wiper die lubrication, CMM interface, cad links, 3D machine simulation, tooling barcode reader and robot loading & unloading.

Why buy a tube bender from Unison Ltd?
"Unison's pipe benders are extremely reliable machines with innovative control technology & robust hardwearing, rigid mechanical designs that have helped us to continually meet the demands of our customers. On top of the great machines, they have great people providing great service and support. Unison offers the complete package." - Paul Krickeberg, President, Sharpe Products.

"Repeat orders are always good news because they carry a clear customer endorsement. We have a great relationship with Paul Krickeberg, and he has supported Unison with projects requiring product demonstrations and research and development work many times over the years. Paul has advocated the Unison technology for its benefits and advantages to his business for many years and has invested his money in new machines, replacing older hydraulic machines to bring those improvements into his business." Jim Saynor, Sales Manager - Unison Ltd.

About Sharpe Products
Sharpe Products was established in 1990 and is based in New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA. Sharpe Products offers custom pipe & tube bending/rolling, tube laser cutting and fabrication services to many industries and OEMs. Prototypes to high volume production jobs are welcome. Equipped with the latest tube bending machinery and inspection technology to bend pipe & tube up to 6'' O.D., Sharpe has experience with steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium & more. Further information is available at www.sharpeproducts.com.

About Unison
As the Inventors of All-Electric Tube Bending, we have over 20 years' experience in producing over 30 different machine types from 1/2" to 10" in all varieties from simple single stack to complex 3.5” multi stack Left and Right to 10" Shipyard machines.

We push technical boundaries, whether this is in the manufacture of the world's largest all-electric pipe bending machine, an automated manufacturing cell or an integrated software solution. Our reward is a global reputation as the supplier that solves the most challenging customer problems. Unison has progressively led the tube bending machinery industry by increasing the tubing diameters that can be formed using all-electric motion and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tube bending machines and associated software. In 2014, Unison took another quantum leap in tube bending machine power by developing a servomotor-powered machine architecture that is capable of bending thick-walled piping with diameters of 225 mm and more. The company is headquartered in Scarborough, UK, and has a second design office in Manchester, UK, plus a direct sales and service centre located in North America. Our first US manufacturing facility will be opening in Danville, Virginia in the coming months.

Unison Ltd, UK
Tel: + 44 1723 582868
Email: sales@unisonltd.com
Web: www.unisonltd.com

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