UltraFlex announces the release of their breakthrough SmartPower Compac Systems

PUBLISHED: 14 Apr 18

UltraFlex SmartPower Compac
UltraFlex SmartPower Compac

UltraFlex Power Technologies - provider of the most advanced digitally controlled induction heating solutions in the industry - has announced the release of their breakthrough innovation in the induction heating technology - the UltraFlex SmartPowerTM Compac Systems. This latest addition to UltraFlex suite of induction heating solutions will be presented at Tube Düsseldorf Show, 16 - 20 April 2018.

UltraFlex SmartPower Compac has been created to meet the versatile needs of the manufacturing industry, offering one induction heating solution for a wide range of industrial applications. Allowing for multiple outputs in one system, SmartPower Compac also enables the individual configuration of power and frequency for each output.

The system features Direct Digital StepTM control algorithm and a unique configurable modular approach. Thanks to its configurable and field upgradable power supplies, output power from 50kW to 400kW can be achieved. Two frequency ranges allow operation at 6kHz to 60kHz and at 40kH to 200kHz. Latest SiC transistor technology and proprietary digital control algorithms ensure optimal performance and maximum efficiency within the wide frequency range.

UltraFlex SmartPower Compac comes with multiple induction heating programs and profiles for automatic process control, built in temperature control and monitoring, high accuracy cycle-by-cycle energy monitoring, industrial touch screen panel with remote control and diagnostics features and much more. With an additional module installed in the system, zero downtime can be guaranteed.

Finally, this UltraFlex solution comes in significantly optimized size and weight, saving floor space and shipping costs.

To see the latest industrial heating innovation by UltraFlex or meet UltraFlex team, stop by at booth #H01 in Hall #6 of the Tube Düsseldorf Show next week, 16 - 20 April 2018.

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UltraFlex announces the release of their breakthrough SmartPower Compac Systems
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