UltraFlex successfully brazing aluminum rails radiators using induction heating

PUBLISHED: 15 Jun 18

Brazing aluminum rails radiators using induction heating
Brazing aluminum rails radiators using induction heating

Induction-based brazing was successfully demonstrated by UltraFlex Power technologies in a customer scenario where aluminum radiator joints were required. It took as little as 10 seconds to achieve a solid and reliable tube joint, proving that induction brazing could successfully replace flame-based brazing, at a fraction of the time and energy/costs required.

The customer case required brazing of an aluminum tube assembly consisting of two parallel tubes with outer diameter of 1.25" (32mm), wall thickness 0.08" (2mm) and length between 31.4" (0.8m) and 86.6" (2.2m) and smaller tubes with outer diameter of 0.7"(18mm) and wall thickness 0.05" (1.5mm). The tubes had to be connected via T joints in a ladder shape, with 1.57? (40mm) distance between each of the small tubes.

Specific customer limitations existed related to the positioning of the tubes during the brazing - the bigger tubes had to be in horizontal position while the smaller ones would sit vertically.

The access for brazing was only allowed from the side. In addition, the coil was required to be static while the mechanical assembly of the joints done by the customer moved through it, making the T-shape joints. A channel induction coil was used in this case, allowing to heat up 2 or 3 joints at the same time.

The brazing of the smaller tubes to the bigger ones was accomplished using UltraFlex 25-35 kW induction heating equipment from the UltraHeat M series, allowing load matching of a wide range of loads and coils. Then, the 2 ends of the bigger tubes were brazed to an aluminum fitting using a 5 kW UltraHeat M induction heating system. Thanks to digitally commanded temperature control, the target temperature required for the joints was achieved and maintained.

The induction-based tube brazing demonstrated by UltraFlex required no flame and no specific environment. It was done under complete safety for everyone involved.

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