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Polyethylene (PE) 1115

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» Al Matin for Trade & Industry , Syria :: HDPE corrugated pipes
» Gokser Machinery Industry Co, Turkey :: PVC pipes, hoses, silicone
» Golden Plastik Ltd PPR Pipe, Turkey :: PPRC – PVC- PE pipes and fittings
» Hatim Industries Ltd, Bangladesh :: Pipes and fittings
» Inplex Custom Extruders LLC , USA ::
» International Industries Ltd, Pakistan ::
» Marmon Keystone Anbuma -Brussels Branch, Belgium ::
» PE100+ Association, Netherlands :: Association of polyethylene (PE) manufacturers
» Perfi Tubos y Accesorios, SA de CV, Mexico ::
» Quadrant EPP AG, Switzerland :: Plastic tubes & custom shapes
» Steelex Private Limited, Pakistan ::
» Stman International Tr. (HK) Ltd, China (PR) ::
» Total Refining & Chemicals, Belgium :: Polyethylene pressure pipe


Industry News:
TEG-1000 Tungsten Electrode Grinder
Improve weld quality with precision ground Tungsten Electrodes
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited, UK
UltraFlex SmartPower Compac
UltraFlex announces the release of their breakthrough SmartPower Compac Systems
Ultraflex Power Technologies, USA
David Lee will fully retire from Metalube in August 2018
Metalube bids farewell to David Lee
Metalube Ltd, UK
Sharpe Products' 7th Unison machine (Breeze 3
Leading tube and pipe fabrication specialists invest in 7th Unison tube bender
Unison, UK
HotPurge® Inflatable Pipe Purging System
HotPurge®, for weld purging heat-treated chrome and high strength stainless steel pipework
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited, UK
Molecor will be present at Plastic Pipes in Infrastructure
Molecor will be present at Plastic Pipes in Infrastructure
Molecor Tecnologia SL, Spain
Rubber Plug in action
Inflatable Rubber Plugs: lightweight but strong and highly resistant to petrochemicals
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited, UK
FIMIGroup will be exhibiting a unit with 2 sizing heads equipped of related drives and a
unit with 2 Turk Heads equipped of related drives
FIMIGroup at Tube 2018
FIMIGroup SpA, Italy
Flexible Welding Enclosure® in action
Successful titanium welding with Flexible Welding Enclosures®
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited, UK
Left: Eddy current rotating head
 RotoETscan for steel tubes inspection; right: Ultrasonic rotating head
 RotoUTscan for steel alloys bars inspection
Inspection, measuring & testing
Contrôle Mesure Systèmes (CMS), France