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Western Europe: 12
» FG Inox, France :: Fittings, flanges, valves
» SERCO, France :: Flange & valve facing equipment
» Valves World, Monaco :: Industrial valves
» CoSourcers, Netherlands :: Consultants, outsourcers
» Filtube SA (Filinox), Spain :: Steel tubes, fittings, valves
» Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd, Switzerland :: Valves & fittings
» Aston Fittings Manufacturing Limited, UK :: Fittings and flanges
» Brady UK, UK :: Safety devices
» Equipstock Ltd, UK :: Stainless & carbon steel fittings, flanges, equipment
» Flow-Technology Ltd, UK :: Stainless steel fittings & components
» Nero Pipeline Connections Ltd, UK ::
» Trouvay & Cauvin Limited, UK :: Seamless, welded pipes, fittings, valves
Eastern Europe: 1
» Alnor Systemy Wentylacji, Poland :: Ducts, fittings, valves
USA & Canada: 3
» Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies, USA :: Hydrostatic Testing, End Forming, Tube Expansion, High-Pressure Accessories
» Behringer Fluid & Pipe Systems Inc, USA :: Clamps, valves, filters
» PVC Fittings Online, USA :: PVC fittings, fittings, valves, pipe, plastic pipe
Africa & Middle East: 3
» Attieh Steel Co Ltd, Saudi Arabia :: Stainless steel pipes, flanges, valves, fittings
» Amarsons Pipe Tech Middle East Co LLC, UAE :: Pipes, fittings, valves, gaskets
» Petro Mat, UAE ::
Asia & Far East: 33
» SME Industrial Co., Ltd., China (PR) :: Hose couplings and hose assemblies
» Cangzhou Qunyi Steel Pipe & Fitting Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Steel butt welded pipe fittings
» China Valmax Valve Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Ball, gate, butterfly & check valves
» China Valve Industry Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Valves, globe, butterfly, ball, gate
» Dervos Industrial Valves Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Valves, fittings, flanges, steel pipes
» Fujian Wolong Pipe and Valve Mfg Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Valves & fittings
» Hebei Central Plumbing Industries Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Valves, ball, gate, check, globe, butterfly
» Hebei Lufeng Piping Equipment Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Fittings and flanges
» Hebei Metals Industrial Limited, China (PR) :: Flange, pipe fittings, valve, steel pipe
» ICM Industries Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Couplings, flanges, valves, fittings
» Jeasin Valve Industries Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Valves, steel pipes, flanges, pipe fittings
» Landee Industrial Pipeline Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Piping valve flange steel pipe fitting
» Pav Valve Tech, China (PR) :: Ball valves, gate valves, check valves
» Sichuan Paive Valve Mfg Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Valves, ball, gate, check, globe, butterfly
» Tianyunxing Imp. and Exp Co.,Ltd, China (PR) :: Butt weld pipe fittings, steel flanges, valves
» Cangzhou Tyton Valves & Fittings Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Valves and fittings
» Wenzhou Hezhong Steel Industrial Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Fittings, flanges & valves
» Wurong Valve Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Industrial Valves, Ball Valves, Gate Valves
» XNC Energy Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Steel pipeline supplier for Oil Gas Petrochemical Industry
» Zhejiang Fonye Group Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Stainless steel pipes and valves
» Zhejiang Xinhai Valve Manufacturing Co Ltd, China (PR) :: Ball, butterfly & check valves
» ZMC Metal, China (PR) ::
» Chamunda Industries, India :: Flanges, valves, buttweld fittings, fasteners
» Divine Tubes Pvt Ltd, India :: Stainless steel ERW welded tubes & pipes
» Excel Pipe Fitting Company, India :: Fittings and flanges
» FerroBend, India :: Pipes, tubes fittings, flanges, valves
» India Pipe & Fitting Stores, India :: Pipes and fittings
» Instinox, India :: Steel tubes, fittings & flanges, valves
» Kiran Pipe Fitting & Manufacturing Co, India :: Stainless steel fittings, elbows, tees
» MVP Enterprise Inc, India ::
» ST&H Corp, Korea, South, Rep. ::
» Sheng Hong Int'l Development Co Ltd, Taiwan :: Ball valve, needle valve, check valve
» Yean Hern Enterprise Co Ltd, Taiwan ::